God, I’m Under A Yet Another Narcissist, Again – My Life As of Now – Part 8

Well, I’ve snuck back on the Net as Isat as gone off somewhere. I think this time Isat let me do it on purpose since she was in a good mood and knew I needed to check my finances and perhaps see what this business man might be saying to me. And he replied with a kind reply and offer to move me out thank God. PETA turned out not to be of any help, though I’m trying to get their help to at least help the dogs out without putting my life at risk. And a beautiful woman I’d met in 2009 replied to a recent letter I’d sent her. I didn’t think she would or had abandoned her email, she had switched but was still checking the old one.

I’ve been thinking about getting some crowd funding to resurrect an old popular game series like this one guy has been trying to do with Ultima. I’m going to try to base the last in the series of this old game however on my life, at least the latest events.