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God, I’m Under A Yet Another Narcissist, Again – My Life As of Now – Part 6

It’s now 11:03 PM. I forgot to mention that when Iav told me not to let the dog out after getting out of the car the first time, he had also said, “I saw you go out there somewhere,” to indicate he’d been watching me, and as if leaving was a no no. It reminded me of when Isat said to me, over a week ago, “We’ll let you go when you go on your gold exploration trip,” as if now I was their slave and could only do what they told me to. Isat’s husband was there when she said that, and showed no sign of objection, but perhaps though he was hiding his feelings, and as I mentioned earlier, had gone off to his home to talk to his chief about Isat’s bad behavior, and perhaps Iav’s too, to tell him that neither were good Mormons and to anull the marriage so that he could be linked with another family for all eternity, as Mormons believe will happen when they die. I can’t blame him for not wanting to be the eternal dad of a psychopathic son and creepy, putrid, heartless, self centered wife.

Since all my property is in the back nearly, and Isat has gone off who knows where (and when I looked in her office after she had been gone for some time, I noticed as I thought would be the case, the modem missing again. Even before she had expressed anger over me supposedly touching her computer stuff, she’d taken the modem away, and this was more than a week ago, so this wasn’t anything new. And if I didn’t mention it already, she never flinched or indicated I was wrong when I told her I’d gone outside to use the Net because I thought she didn’t want me using it. Talk about “guilt by silence.” Oh and I got a message from a PETAn, wanting to know where and who this person was, as in the owner of the dogs (it’s two different owners). And as I thought, and even said in my first message to them, that they’d show more concern for the dogs then me. Disgusted. Whoever replied said, “We take confidentiality very seriously.” Just not helping me escape this situation safely as I’d asked. Why no, “Yes, we can provide a temporary residence for you and the money you’ll need to survive well” and so on as I asked? If PETA truly cared about these dogs, they’d show equal amount of concern for me, but no, only, “We’ll keep who you are a secret” as if coming for endangered or abused dogs isn’t going to raise suspicion right away with Isat or Iav? Ugh. Maybe the guy who replied was a narcissist too. Why am I never leaving near some helpful and decent Christian, or meeting them at least? And as the righteous Job thousands of years ago asked, “Why do the wicked prosper ” Of course, as anyone can see, usually the wicked prosper at a costly price, and are often more unhappy than happy and malcontents, and die in poverty or misery. One day, one day, I’ll see all my enemies bowing before God, and all of them will be God’s enemies, and at exactly the best time, they will thrown away in Darkness, to suffer, tormented by their own memories, guilt and shame, forever. It’s 11:20 PM.

It’s now 4:58 AM, didn’t get to listen to Coast to Coast AM, and didn’t sleep. I did some investigating however and found out Isat has a huge electric bill, it was over $900, no wonder to me then she told me not to use hot water to wash anything. And I found out who her son, Iav works for, the company at least, and saw an uncashed check for not much over $600. Apparently he gives all his money over to his mom Isat. Much later I decided to investigate the papers I left in her daughter’s room, and was looking for the name of her daughter and a number, and discovered some odd and interesting things in the digging. Before that, while lying on my bed for a while, I finally fully realized why God programmed everyone to sleep, what it symbolizes.

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