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God, I’m Under A Yet Another Narcissist, Again – My Life As of Now, Part 3

Yesterday, at about 7:30 PM, I went into Yati’s office to ask for her phone number again (so I could post on ad requesting help to make a documentary about the Hell I’ve been going through and my future projects) and what do I find but my giant mormon Bible on a table in front of her desk which formerly had been along the side with the rest of my property. When I ask if it was mine, she replied, “Oh, I thought that was my son’s.” Yeah, your son who never talks about Mormonism and never goes to church and talks like a wordly person, has put his Mormon bible with my property. So then she says, “Oh that’s yours?” and I explain a little how I got it and she genuinely and enthusiastically tells me I should read it. So, now, she’s crossed the line with me at least five times by one: berating me, two: in front of her husband, three: violating my privacy four: messing with my property: five: eating my food. But it doesn’t stop there. After I go out and buy some bins to organize my property, and then return and clean right away and then try to sleep, and not being able to, get up around 4 AM perhaps, not having slept because of a stuff nose and probably due to allegies and the huge amount of dust in her house, I then ponder things and plan what to do. Then at about 5 AM I go to drink something, and I saw Yati was once again boiling salmon for the dogs and she’s down to one bag now. Why bother with dog food that is supposed to contain the omega oils and put in salmon on top of it? But anyways I’m up and about and about to go out to use the Internet to post and find, to my embarassment, that she’s gone through my books and rearranged them and placed two book covers where everyone can see them by the stack of books she rearranged. One on the bottom of the first book cover says “BEER” on top of the title, and the other says something like, “Cannabis Growing Guide”. Can anyone say “YOU STUPID BITCH LEAVE MY PROPERTY ALONE”? What was so disgusting about it as that this is after I had told her the day before, when I found my Bible with her, that certain homeless people had been stealing from me (I had told her this story before too) and one had taken my property, then presented it to me and started making a commentary about it, and I told her, “I felt so violated” and how then one of them began yelling at me. I noticed she looked a bit guilt when I said that (and if truly guilty, probably because as I said earlier she had yelled at me too, and it was recent) and about that he shook her head over that and said, “Why are they such animals?” Then she comes out the back after messing with the salmon she boiled, where I am, which is where the main bulk of my property at the side of her house, and once again she’s repeating herself, telling me that it needs to be cleaned up and again wrongly referring to certain things as trash and me repeating it’s not trash and that it can’t be seen like that and “looking like a homeless house”. Yeah, that really made sense. And she kept repeating and repeating and I kept saying “I know”, and IN THE DARK, she says, “Don’t say ‘I know’ just do it” and like she has nothing that she should “just do”. Then I asked if she was the one who rearranged my books and put the covers that said such and such where they were, and she said, “What?” with a look of confusion and irritation, as if she’s the one that should be irritated and says, “Carrabis what?” or something like that. And when I show her she replies, “Oh I thought those were my books.” Ugh.

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